11/07 MG Zoom Orientation (7PM)

11/09 Video-Zoom "Evangelism Honor" (7PM)

11/18 AY Movie Night "Tell it to the World" (7PM)

12/03 AY "First Aid & CPR" (7PM) SIGN UP

12/07 AY Zoom Workshop "Leadership" (7PM)

01/14 Sunday "Workshop Day" (1-4PM)

01/25 Zoom Workshop "Child Development" (7PM)

02/08 Zoom Workshop "Discipline" (7PM) Pastor Sing

02/11 HBA Andrew Hernandez "Temperament Analysis" (TBD)

1/7-2/20 "4 Gospels Devotional"

"Read a Devotional that covers the 4 Gospels and Desire of Ages", also keep a devotional journal for at least 4 weeks summarizing what you learned and outlining how you are growing in your faith. 

For this Gospel Devotional, we will follow a 45-day Devotional Plan. With that, make sure to keep a journal for at least 28 days. Remember to also read your assigned Chapters from the book "Desire of Ages". 

45-Day Gospels Devotional Plan

45-Day Gospels Devotional Plan (Print)

1/8-26 "Desire of Ages"

Please write one, short summary for each chapter. Write no more than 1 page for your reading summary. SUBMIT HERE. Read the Desire of Ages

11/2-17 "Education"

"Read or listen to the book _____ and submit a one-page response focusing on the benefits of your reading."

For our reading "Education", please read your assigned chapters and write a 1 paragraph (3-5 sentences) summary. Submit to Google Classroom by Nov 17. We'd like to invite everyone to join us at church on Nov 18 and have that requirement checked off.  

Here is the Education Summary Collection, please read it and make a 1-page

You can click on your names or the chapters to get to your reading materials.

11/26-12/15 "Counsel to..."

"Read or listen to the book "Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students" and submit a one-page response focusing on the benefits of your reading."

Our next book reading will start in November 26, after Thanksgiving break. It will be due on December 15, giving us 3 weeks to finish it. Please submit to our Google Classroom the summaries to your sections by Dec 15 . We will have our Book Review on Dec 16 @ 4PM, right after Pathfinder Meeting and then write our 1-page response requirement.  SUBMIT HERE

For the PDF assignment, VISIT HERE.

12/18-29 "Fundamental Beliefs"

"Prepare a 2-paragraph summary on each of the 28 fundamental beliefs."

28 Fundamental Beliefs

Please prepare a 2 paragraph summary on each of the fundamental beliefs on your own. SUBMIT HERE.

2/19-3/1 "Steps to Christ"

"Read or listen to the book _____ and submit a one-page response focusing on the benefits of your reading."

Write a 1/2 page report on your chapter of Steps to Christ, and submit your Google Doc report file on Google Classroom. Due date is March 1, 2024.

After all have submitted, the combined file will be HERE. Then make a 1-page report based on the summary, and SUBMIT HERE.

3/4-15 "Adventist Heritage"

Brief Pathfinder History (PDF)

Pathfinder History and Philosophy (Slides)

TX CONF and Houston Central History (PDF)

Pioneers: Be able to identify and explain the significance of the following individuals.
Dates: Explore and summarize the importance of the following events/dates in Adventist History
Publications: Describe the origins, publication details, and purpose of the Adventist publications.
Miscellaneous: Tell the importance of the locations, organizations, concepts, or their equivalent.
Adventist Pioneers Details

Requirements on Your Own

For any questions, please contact