When you need a break from the world, you will find God waiting for you. Worship with us, and let's go to God together.

Welcome to Amplify Youth Ministry.

Welcome everyone to Houston Central SDA Youth Ministry! We would like to welcome you to 2024! As we start the new year, we have many exciting events planned make sure to join us.

Please mark your calendars for the important and upcoming events below.


Jan 13, 2024 2PM Amplify Team Luncheon Meeting

Feb 11, 2024 11AM Master Guide Workshop Training

Mar 16, 2024 2PM Global Youth Day

Our On-going Project Plans

Youth Podcast- We started our Studio discussion on August 2023 - to transform the Pastor's office into a studio. We're hoping to be able to open it either in October or November 2023. Visit here to follow our progress.

Youth Lounge - With the leadership of Maria Nevarez, we have been planning on creating a space where our young people can feel at home and belong.

HC Sports - We are working on plans to start up a sports team, namely Basketball and Volleyball. If you're interested, visit here to learn more.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at