Restart Panel

Our Restart Youth Panel started in July 29, 2023 with a panel of young people presenting and sharing the word of God. We believe that it's God's desire that not only the adults but also our Young People be given a chance to share and express their faith, first in the church, then in the streets. Therefore we have made plans to make this a re-occurring event. Check out the dates and information below to learn more. 

The (1st) Restart Panel

Date: July 29, 2023
Location: Houston Central SDA Church
Theme: Stepping Closer to Christ
Book: Steps to Christ

- Avery Malvaux "The Sinner's Need of Christ"
- Priscilla Bartholomew "Improving with Prayer"
- Sherman Thompson "Our Father's Love in the Midst of Chaos"
- Nathaniel Rambarant "Faith and  Acceptance"
- Jonathan Idehai "Growing In Christ"
-  Tayo Obrimah "The Way Out of Doubt"
- Michelle Nahashon "Confession"

The (2nd) Restart Panel

Date: Oct 21, 2023
Location: Houston Central SDA Church
Theme: Growing Up Into Christ
Book: Adventist Home, Child Guidance

- Tayo “Outside vs. Inside Influence” CG S6, CH48
- Michelle “Mothers” AH S10
- Jojo “Fathers in Respect and Discipline” AH S9
- Priscilla “Humility and Maturity” AH 16
- Miliany “Mental health is Real”  2MCP 10
- Angela “Obedience: The Pathway to True Happiness" CG S14

The (3rd) Restart Panel

Date: June, July 2024
Location: Houston Central SDA Church
Theme: Biblical Foundations
Source: 28 Fundamental Beliefs

If you're interested in participating, please contact Pastor Sing at